Our Expertise

What sets Eye Index apart from its competitors is our single-minded focus on specialist work, which ensures that our customers can have confidence with even the most complex prescription requirements. Our high levels of expertise are founded on three guiding principles:

  • High quality lens materials and the latest production equipment
  • Highly trained and motivated staff
  • A 'Right First Time' approach to quality

Eye Index is a highly experienced prescription laboratory specialising in the glazing of the widest range of prescriptions, working successfully with all current and emerging lens and frame materials. Specialist areas include; rimless eyewear, in-line glazing, Base 8 curvature prescription sunglass lenses for sports and fashion 'wrap-around' eyewear, and the glazing of Polycarbonate, Trivex and Hi-Index materials.

The Company has an ongoing investment programme to keep pace with the latest technology (e.g. CNC computer-controlled drilling and edging equipment) and to ensure that its staff are recruited and trained to meet the demands of changing materials and customer requirements. Such investment and resources allow the Company to take on even the most difficult and complex work with confidence.

Using the latest in-house optical software packages we are even able to advise our customers on the lens substance on any individual prescription prior to manufacture.